This website offers a comprehensive compilation of the work that has been done thus far to facilitate the development of a trails system in Boyle County.

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Many groups of volunteers, business owners, residents and government officials have
worked on this valued project since the mid 1990s. The current trails committee has studied the plans and maps and has developed a priority list for the next one to two years. We intend to take a systematic approach in tandem with the community’s wishes and government initiatives, (ie. repaving intervals) to intentionally and carefully advance this project. The benefits are far-reaching including educational opportunities, environmental stewardship, economic benefits, quality of life enhancements and increased accessibility.

The “Safe Routes to School Connectivity Master Plan” completed by Third Rock Consultants for the city of Danville, Kentucky on May 25, 2013, is the first step in a Safe Routes to School grant awarded to the city of Danville by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. The report, which can be found on the Maps and Master Plans page of this website, includes specific recommendations for the implementation process, including a justification for increased trails and sidewalks, and other essential components such as programming and building community engagement. The second portion provides specific recommendations in order to achieve connectivity on a city-wide scale. Five maps are included in the report. The first map is a comprehensive view of the entire city. For the purpose of this report, Danville is organized into four quadrants of the city, northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast.

The remaining four maps provide closer views into the quadrants. The southeast quadrant includes many of the currently priorities for the community, including Stanford Road and Bate Middle School. They also took into consideration the assessment of The Community Trails Group’s body of work (described below). The remaining money from this grant (approx. $90,000) will be used this spring to construct The Clarks Run Eastern Extension.

Ernst Crown Weber has been a leader for many years on this project and in 2012, as
a member of the City of Danville Transportation Committee, began a process to assemble volunteers to develop a master plan for the county. The Community Trails Committee is responsible for what follows in this section of the binder and it is a detailed and thorough approach to “accommodating a complete range of multi-modal users (including pedestrians).” The group’s valuable work categorized sections of our transportation network, analyzed present and future connectivity, anticipated future needs and made recommendations for the city and county to follow for development.

The origin of the product has its roots with CREEC, Clarks Run Environmental
Education Cooperative. CREEC is dedicated to protecting and enhancing Clark’s Run as a community resource for Boyle County and providing citizens with an opportunity to walk, run, and bike along the waterway. Further, CREEC believes that users will become more aware of the value of this important community resource and the opportunities and responsibilities we all have to protect this stream. It is because of the informal education opportunities that trails along Clark’s Run will provide, that CREEC has worked with community organizations over a number of years to lift up the value of non-motorized trails in our community.

The current trails committee has the task of compiling and reenergizing the valuable and wonderful work that has transpired over the years and put it into action with county, city, state and federal support. We believe communication is paramount and this group wishes to participate and support community and government initiatives to bring this comprehensive system to fruition. In addition we will seek funding opportunities through grants and cooperative efforts to take a responsible approach to construction.


Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.
~Rachel Carlson

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